About Us

Kasturi Spreading Fragrance – IFS Officers Wives & Lady Officers Association
Kasturi Spreading Fragrance  is a non profit organisation registered under  society registration act , working in Uttarakhand since March 2021.

The organization aims to promote and sensitize the citizens of the state regarding the conservation and protection of the state’s flora, fauna and environment.

Kasturi is also working to improve the lives of forest fringe, communities, dependents of forest staff and needy citizens of the state.

At the same time it will foster an esprit de corps amongst the members & families by organizing cultural events.  

The organization believes in social cohesion and encourages children of forest officers to pursuit excellence in life. Being close to nature the Club nurtures a number of green initiatives among young minds through different programmes.

Our Vision

To create and foster  a green  environment in the State   and to look into  welfare services to  the  front  line forest staff and forest fringe  communities.

Our Objectives

The objectives for which the society is established are :

  1. To promote and sensitize the citizens of the state in environment, forest and wild life conservation.
  2. To safeguard the promote common interest of the members of the association
  3. To foster an esprit de-corp among the members.
  4. To work and provide social service to the needy citizens of the state of the Uttarakhand.
  5. To promote entrepreneurial activities amongst the dependents of forest staff and amongst the rural inhabitants living in forest fringe villages.